8374569838_df79c994f8_kWe are a company created in 1987, specializing in the design, creation  & manufacture of Women outwear garment knitting.

google-location-icon-icon-locationOur headquarters and distribution center are located in Mataro, Barcelona,  A Mediterranenan city with a centenary textile history

Muestras - Ray Evans-SamplesWe are Manufacturers of Women clothing

Our production process is adapted to the quality requirements that the purchasing departments of our customers and their regulations, require us as an approved supplier.

label-icon-63765We can work with our brand Ray Evans or if you prefer make productions with private label working as manufacturers.

  • Our experience of 30 years in the fashion industry, endorses us and guarantees the customization of our products and services according to the needs of each of our clients.
  • We manage both production from outside the Community, as manufacturing in Spain, if our client requires making within the EU,
  • We conduct inspections during the manufacturing process so that we can ensure quality control according to the prototype accepted.
  • Our product meets the reach and environmental standards that European legislation requires

Collection Ray EVANS

Ray Evans offers a collection of elegant woman inspired by a sophisticated style, modern life, and above all very feminine.

pdf_icon Company profile

Our Goal

Our goal is to satisfy the demand of our customers, creating fashion products with the highest level of design and quality. Create a wide range of products, betting every day for creating new designs using this innovative fabrics, own creations and always looking for a competitive price.


Chain stores and large-scale enterprises:

We are specialized in working with large chains and maintain optimal service to its customers, we adapt to your requirements, and our design and production teams work in line with client teams to deliver a quality product.

Our clients

International Clients

During our 30 years of history We have work & sell to many countries like Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, UK, Ireland, Holland, United States,Canadà Mexico,Chile, Singapoor, Tokyo,Israel,UAE.

  • We are always interested in new distributors & Fashion Agents for our if you are interested please Contact Us


Multilabel Shops

We commercialize our styles & designs with brand RAY EVANS


          Design             Sample Making        Pattern Making        Industrial Cutting

Thanks for trust in RAY EVANS